Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Thoughts of a new NJ diver 
  The first time on a boat full of old salty divers can be a little bit intimidating. We have compiled an actual list of things new NJ divers may (or may not) be thinking before, during, and after their first day of diving.
1.  Do I have enough stuff?
2.  Do all of THEM have enough stuff??
3.  Seriously how much stuff does one diver need?
4.  Yummm the smell of diesel in the morning!
5.  Why does diving have to be soooooooooooooo early?
6.  Ewww the smell of diesel in the morning
7.  I’m pretty sure I’m the slowest person to ever gear up on this boat
8.  Ugh this wet suit is so hot…and it’s like 100 degrees outside
9.  Ok, ok….step, step, careful now, don’t fall and look like a dork 
10.  Yes! My first Jersey flop was a success. Time to dive!
11.  Wow, it’s a little more green than I thought
12.  Where’s the bottom?
13.  I’m only at 25 feet? I’ve been descending for 5 minutes
14.  Where’s the bottom?
15.  Ok, I think I can see the bottom now.
16.  Should of stayed home and slept in
17.  Geez….there’s not much to see here
18.  Wait, ok. I think I’m getting the hang of it. This is pretty cool
19.  Should of stayed home
20.  Awesome, made it back to the anchor line. Let’s go up
21.  Ahhhhh the hang line is super warm
22.  Oh geez, now I have to get up the ladder with my fins on
23.  Ok made it, careful steps back to my spot
24.  Tell everyone you had a great first dive
25.  I have to do this again….next time, I’m hunting lobster! (sips beer) 
Jersey diving, like anything else, gets better and better with practice! Nobody is perfect their first time out! For more information on South Jersey Scuba's boat charters,VISIT HERE


  1. Hey, the first Jersey Dive I did was years ago on the Seeker, on the wreck the Tolten. I probably lasted 5 minutes at the anchor line. Not having a reel -- i wouldn't have known what to do with it, i just swam around the strobe on the anchor line and said to myself -- shivering -- "I'm in over my head" then headed back up the line. In every endeavor in life, it's the challenges that make you stronger.

  2. This sums up my experience to the letter!